Charity 2020/2021

For the upcoming year, the Charity Committee found 4 interesting organizations that are interested in working together with Kraket. Now it is up to you as a member to decide with which one we are actually going to work with.

Last year, the charity auction was very successful so we decided that, whichever charity will be chosen, it would be great to do it again. This way we can raise money in order to perform an activity together with the chosen organization and if there is still money left, we can donate this to them so they can do good things with it again!

We found 4 totally different charities that want to collaborate with us. These are the following:

  • VoorUit;

  • The Dirk Kuyt Foundation;

  • IMC Weekendschool;

  • The Salvation Army (Leger des Heils)

VoorUit is an organization run by 80 students that work 10 hours a week for their neighbourhood in exchange for a room or discount on their rent. VoorUit works in Amsterdam, Zaandam and Amstelveen for neighbourhoods that need something extra. By connecting the citizens, housing corporations and districts they strengthen the social cohesion in the neighborhood. Kraket can help them make one neighborhood better. If we would collaborate with VoorUit, there are a lot of possibilities in ways we could help. It could be for example by organizing an activity for the people of a neighborhood to bring them together in these lonely corona days or cleaning up a neighborhood so it will be nicer for the people to live there.

The Dirk Kuyt Foundation is a foundation that aims to enable everyone with a disability to exercise. Not only because of the physical function that sport has, but also because of the social role that sport fulfills in many people's lives. The Dirk Kuyt Foundation makes these sports possible for many people with a disability by focusing on adapted forms of sports. This could be wheelchair tennis, G football and so on. Each year the Dirk Kuyt Foundation organizes about 175 events and we think that we can organize such an event with the members of Kraket on behalf of the Dirk Kuyt Foundation!

IMC weekend school is, as the name suggests, a weekend school. Every Sunday, children between the ages of 10 and 14 come here to meet working professionals and learn about their work. They do this in class but also on fun excursions to, for example, the court. In this way, the children learn where their interests lie and broaden their view of society. But IMC weekend school has a new project, namely IMC basis. Here, professionals, what we are as Kraketters, give a lecture at a primary school during the week. We as econometricians have a unique skill set and can give those children a very nice lecture about programming, for example. With this we broaden their social outlook and they can discover whether programming is something for them!

The Salvation Army is the best known charity for most people. It is a good cause that Kraket has done something for before. In the Netherlands, almost 40,000 people are homeless. The Salvation Army mission is to get as many of these people off the streets as possible. In addition, they want to give people who live on the street the best possible life through sleeping places, free food and some entertainment. It would be great fun to organize a great day for the homeless together with the Amsterdam branch. Last time it was by means of a dinner show, this year we can do that again, but we are also thinking of a park festival. Either way, it will be an unforgettable day!

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