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2017-2018 Foundation Move

Two committees of students were formed at the beginning of the year, both of which started a collaboration with a primary school: El Kadisia in Amsterdam-West and De Tamboerijn in Gaasperdam. We went to work on the basis of four sessions at primary school. The first session was an introduction, for both the children and the students. The session after that was a neighborhood survey, to see what could be improved in the neighborhood based on the chosen theme. The children of El Kadisia set to work with the theme 'Safety and Well-being' and the children of De Tamboerijn with the theme 'Encounter and Contact'. Session three was all about choosing: where would the class and the students get to work together? At El Kadisia the choice was made for a cleaner neighborhood, and by decorating a number of trash cans they tried to improve this. The children of De Tambourijn chose to do something for their lonely neighbors, and organized a sports and games morning in Gaasperdam. The fourth session was the final preparation for the closing activity.

Between the sessions at the primary school, the children also visited the university. They have received a lecture about Pythagoras, got to know the VU through a quest and were able to play football on the campus square during the break. Many of the children had never been to the university or did not even know about the existence of the VU.

All in all it was a very instructive year for both children and students. The children have learned that they can get things done, and the students have learned how great it is to be able to do something for someone else. In this way we have been able to contribute to our beloved Amsterdam together.

2016-2017 The Salvation Army

This year we visited the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is an organization that helps thousands of people every year with professional care and guidance. This is not only for homeless people, but also for people with addictions or other problems. The Salvation Army strives to have their clients integrate into society as well as possible. Contact with the outside world is therefore very important.

We organized an evening for the residents of Het Instroomhuis, where they could enjoy a dinner show. Three groups were classified; a cooking group, a group that was going to serve and an entertainment group. The chefs have done their utmost in the kitchen and were able to serve delicious soup and pasta through the excellent service. The residents liked it very much that they were served food once instead of standing in line to get food. The music in the background provided by the entertainers made the picture complete. Some of the residents were so enthusiastic that after dinner they also caught some notes! The evening was closed in Kraket style with a number of games and especially a lot of fun between our members and the residents of Het Instroomhuis!

Instead of donating money, we bought a foosball table for the residents, which you can see on the right picture. In this way the living room becomes cozier and the residents can get in touch with each other even more. The table has been well received by the residents!

We of the committee look back on a successful evening and a successful gift that we have made many people happy with!

2015-2016 Dance for Lyme

This year we have entered into a partnership with Dance for Lyme to support a good cause. Dance for Lyme is an initiative to ask for more attention for Lyme disease through dance performances and workshops. In the 2015/2016 academic year it was decided to donate money to this initiative. In exchange, we were allowed to follow a hip-hop workshop. A group of more than 25 Kraketters got a choreography on the beats of 'Get Ugly' by Jason Derulo and their dance skills improved considerably. After this intensive session, another drink was drunk with the instructors of Dance for Lyme. The donated amount is donated to Dance for Lyme to Stichting Tekenbeetziekten, just like any other donation.

The Stichting Tekenbeetziekten was founded out of an urgent need for more complete information about the broad spectrum of tick-borne diseases and for raising funds for research. For years, tick-borne diseases, such as Lyme disease, have been underexposed. In the Netherlands, attention has only been paid to this problem for a number of years.

The Stichting Tekenbeetziekten (Foundation for tick-borne diseases) wants to promote awareness, sufficient attention and the fullest possible knowledge of tick-bite diseases and limit the consequences these diseases can have as much as possible. The Foundation focuses on fundraising to make a financial contribution to prioritizing and promoting research.

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