A week in the life of Amber Politiek

My Monday always starts quiet with our weekly board meeting. During this meeting we evaluate the activities from the week before and we talk about the upcoming activities. But also, other decisions, ideas and cases within Kraket are being discussed during this meeting. 
My role in this meeting is most of the time advising or giving updates about everything that has to do with the finances. So, it is important to be up to date!

On Tuesday I was working at the VU again. I started this day with checking my email if there were some new invoices that had to be paid.  When I finished this, I ordered the groceries for upcoming activities like the EGW and the Padel activity. This is one of my favorite things to do as treasurer! And even more fun is to unpack everything when the orders come in ofcourse.  Then the duty started that takes most of your time as treasurer, namely accounting. I make sure that all our transactions are in our bookkeeping program with the corresponding invoices and receipts. This way I get a clear overview of how much we have spent on every activity or other cost item. 

I am also the treasurer of the LOES, which is the umbrella organisation for all econometrics study associations in the Netherlands. Because I am the treasurer of this organisation, I had a lot to do with the finances of the LED. And this afternoon we did the handover to the new LED committee, so I was busy explaining the new LED treasurer some things about for example the bookkeeping program.  In the meantime, while I am working at the VU, I was playing a game with some others in the Kraket room and having some quick chats with members who came by today. This makes your day extra fun. 

I started my day with a meeting with the Kraket Inspiration Day committee, which I am also supervisor of together with Lia. They were talking about possible speakers for the day and some other nice things which will be a secret for now, but I hope to see you on the 11th of May ;) 

During the day I did not really do something Kraket related. I can work a little bit on the courses that I am following or just chill at home. 

In the evening we met up with the board of Salus which is the study association for health sciences. It is a lot of fun to get to know the boards of the other study associations at the VU. We played some games and had dinner together, so this was a very fun way to end this day!

On Thursday we have our weekly Kraket Weekend meeting. We brainstorm about what we can do this weekend and how to make it even better than the Kraket Weekends before. 

After this exciting meeting I started with making some invoices for companies from the contracts Lia and Estée sent me throughout the week.  

Albert Heijn came as well to deliver the groceries I ordered a few days ago and also some other packages came in. And as I told before, one of my favorite things to do is with unpacking all the orders. 

In the afternoon we had a meeting with the Almanac Committee which I am a member of. We are now discussing what the theme will be for the Almanac and about all the ideas we have, which is very exciting! 

Friday is for me always the time to make sure that everything from my to-do-list of this week is done. Sometimes when you are working at the VU it is way too fun to talk with others and play games, but the work of the week needs to be finished as well. So, on Friday I always have the time to do this. Sometimes we have a drink with the board on Friday before we go home to have a chill weekend and come back on Monday completely fresh with new energy for the next week! 

I hope that I gave you a clear overview of what my week as treasurer looks like most of the time. If you have any more questions, you can always send me an email!

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